AALDOG Project completed

The NFR funded Active Acoustic Leak Detection Oil and Gas project was successfully completed December 2013.

The overall goal of the project was to develop a sensor solution based on active acoustic technology for monitoring oil and gas leaks from sub-sea installations, and to make ready for a commercial product for the international sub-sea market. The system developed through this project will also be used for detection of CO2 and CH4 gas leaks subsea.

The project was scheduled for 3 years with the following main objectives:
2011: Theoretical clarification and concept development.
2012: Various tests with gas release under controlled conditions.
2013: Various full scale tests with the final pilot test at an oil production site under realistic conditions.

METAS was the project owner and CMR, IMR, UiB, KM and Statoil as partners.
CMR was our validation partner and Statoil providing the operational production site.

Next step:
During first half of 2014 to have the commercial version will be available.