Active Acoustic Leak Detection demonstration

AALD was successfully demonstrated with a live setup at our test facilities at Aastveit.

At the end of 2013 we completed our 3 year R&D project AALDOG, Active Acoustic Leak Detecion Oil and Gas system. While this year preparing the commercial version of this system, we have also worked in parallel on development of a software system for automatic analysis of the detected leakages, enabling us to provide a combined system AALD, Active Acoustic Leak Detection system, including active acoustic sensor, and software for detection, analysis and alarm. The software development made very good progress and very soon gave promising results. Statoil, one of our partners in the AALDOG project, also expressed interest for the software and asked for a demonstration of the AALD system.

The demonstration was prepared to take place at our location on March the 26th. A X-Frame configured for manually controlled release was deployed in the fjord outside the office and another X-Frame carrying the combined AALD system some hundred meters further up the fjord. Both units was connected to the operation section in our lab via subsea cables, where the alarm was monitored as well as the release controller were set up.

Various releases with different volumes and durations was demonstrated during the 2 hours demo. It is giving promising outlook for the system that even the smallest releases produced was successfully automatically detected and analyzed, and alarms for detected leakage was correctly activated.