LSS – Leak Detection Sonar System

METAS new LSS, Leak Detection Sonar System for Oil and Gas, is our latest development in our suit of products for subsea acoustic monitoring. The system is designed for subsea installation, detecting even small amounts of oil and gas in ranges up to 700+ meters. Various alternative hardware applications and sensors are available with horizontal scanning selectable from 0 to 360 degrees and 0 to 90 degrees vertical for monitoring one or more potential locations in same area to fulfill customers need. For analyzing detected leakages, a in house developed software system are used. The software is tuned for alarms on detected leakages and its location as well as trend indications for small leakages. The software was developed in cooperation with Codelab Bergen.

Video showing CO2 leakage detection at 270 meter distance from the sensor. Left part presents the raw echo-sounder data, while on the right side the processed and scrutinized data is presented in 3D. The leakage is highlighted in red.
Leaflet for the product.

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