A new innovative solution to reduce cost for retrieval and deployment of subsea equipment

The main features of X-net® system is summarized by the following points:

  • designed as a modular system for easy and rapid deployment and retrievals
  • All infrastructures have the same standardized design (no special design needed)
  • An X-frame could easily be changed from containing sensors to a garage / docking station for a Crawler / AUV or both and still fit into the existing Node without any design change
  • Could be used for both cabled and autonomous ocean observatories

Cost efficient

  • The sensor frame (X-Frame) contains all sensors as a package for one particular Node, minimizing the amount of wet mate-able connectors and as such reducing the overall cost and complexity
  • The X-Frame with sensor package can be retrieved and redeployed in the most time efficient way saving expensive vessel operation time
  • The design of X-node and X-frame reduce need of expensive ROV operation during maintenance of sensors. This means that smaller less costly vessels could be used, reducing cost for vessel time and hire of expensive ROV`s

Uptime of Ocean observatory

  • A spare sensor platform with all sensors installed could be used to replace existing platforms during maintenance. The platform to be maintained are retrieved, and the replace platform immediately deployed. This is reducing cost for vessel time, and also contribute to minimum gap in time series of data.
  • The X-Node and X-frame is designed for 25 years operation time in accordance to subsea requirements for the oil and gas industry.

METAS has filed a patent application that includes this innovative solution. The image depicts delivery of X-Frame® on top of X-Node® located on the sea floor.