LoVe Ocean Observatory in for maintenance

The LoVe Ocen Observatory, for environmental monitoring, was maintained and redeployed as planned.
The one year maintenance was performed during Q3. The recovery of deployed equipment was done by use of vessel m/s Birkeland end during the last days of June and then shipped to our skilled service department in Bergen.
The onshore maintenance job included disassembly, inspection, full overhaul of all mechanics including refurbishing, testing and FAT. All of above was done inhouse at METAS facilities in Bergen.
The return to site was taken care of by m/s Edda Fonn and the complete METAS system, X-Frame and satellite unit was deployed and successfully reconnected to the SDU (subsea distribution unit) unit by assistance of ROV during week 41.
The following SAT (site acceptance test) was completed efficiently the same day and the system were back again in full operation and available through the public open web site immidiatlely.