METAS new AALD, Active Acoustic Leak Detection Sensor System for Oil and Gas, is our latest development in our suit of products for subsea acoustic monitoring. The system is designed for subsea installation, detecting even small amounts of oil and gas in ranges up to 700+ meters. Various alternative hardware applications and sensors are available with horizontal scanning selectable from 0 to 360 degrees and 0 to 90 degrees vertical for monitoring one or more potential locations in same area to fulfill customers need. For analyzing detected leakages, a in house developed software system are used. The software is tuned for alarms on detected leakages and its location as well as trend indications for small leakages.stacks_image_11791

METAS have developed a environmental monitoring system for the purpose of providing products and services for the petroleum industry’s subsea installations as well as monitoring the overall marine life from seabed to surface. This system is based on advanced acoustic technology supported by a wide range of additional sensors, depending on the customers actual need.
We provide 3 basic environmental monitoring system solutions:
Autonomous System. X-Frame® with battery power, designed for up to one year subsea operation.
Satellite System. X-Frame® with with a cable to surface and satellite mounted on a buoy with real-time communication for monitoring of the subsea environment.
Cabled System. X-Frame® with a cable connection from offshore site to onshore location with computers for data collection and internet based real-time communication to Metas and/or customer offices.

Examples on deliveries of the 3 alternative solutions are respectively to the Morvin field in Norway, the Peregrino field in Brazil and to the IMR/Statoil joint Ocean Observatory project with the subsea X-Frame® installation 22 km’s off the Vesterålen coast in northern Norway. (

METAS offers a personalised assessment of your monitoring requirements. We can develop and produce a technologically optimised solution to your individual specifications.We provide single modular designs to complete systems for marine ecosystem research and monitoring. METAS deploy and monitor these systems worldwide.
METAS can also take responsibility for the operation of instrumentation, data analysis and interpretation.
METAS offers assistance in setting up operational plans and implementing the launch and recovery of systems globally. Furthermore we offer project collaboration and project management services.
METAS offers services related to instrument operation and data treatment. The successfull investment in expensive equipment depends on secure and correct operation at sea.

METAS will also work together with expert organizations for the delivery of complete analytic solutions. METAS offers services related to instrument operation and data treatment. We can offer assistance in setting up operational plans and carry out the launch and recovery of systems in the field. METAS also has unique experience in data interpretation and analysis from flexible acoustics systems.
We can offer services related to data treatment and processing, and thus ease and quality ensure the way from data collection to trustworthy analysis. We are also open for project collaboration where our contribution is data management and postprocessing.