METAS offers a wide range of services including:

  • consulting
  • custom system design
  • operational support
  • data management
  • data analysis
  • operational planning
  • Equipment rental, leasing and repair

METAS’s Wide Area Active Monitoring (WAAM) System for Oil and Gas, is our latest development in our suit of products for subsea acoustic monitoring. The system is designed for subsea installation, detecting even small amounts of oil and gas in ranges up to 1,000 meters. Various alternative hardware applications and sensors are available with horizontal scanning selectable from 0 to 360 degrees and 0 to 90 degrees vertical for monitoring one or more locations in the same area. For analyzing detected leakages, a in house developed software system are used. In order to maximize performance and minimize operational interruptions, the WAAM System software incorporates machine learning. This allows tracking of all acoustic responses, classification and analysis to determine if an alarm should be reported or merely an interesting data point recorded for future analysis.
If leakage is identified, the system will alarm and begin reporting approximate leakage rates. Additional information is available on demand, so as not to distract the operator. This information includes location of leak, plume size, distribution, direction of travel, and much more.



METAS supplies a wide range of module Environmental Monitoring Systems suitable for meduim to long term surveys and permenant monitoring of the marine environment for any purpose. These range from ecological surveys focused on biological and environmental factors for pure research or commercial purposes to geological surveys focused on oceanic hydrocarbon seepage, mining operations or geothermal activity. The modular design allows quick adaptation to the required mission parameters. If you have short to medium term surveying needs, please contact us about system rental to reduce your expenses.

We provide 3 basic environmental monitoring system solutions:
Autonomous System. X-Frame® with battery power, designed for up to one year subsea operation.
Satellite System. X-Frame® with with a cable to surface and satellite mounted on a buoy with real-time communication for monitoring of the subsea environment.
Cabled System. X-Frame® with a cable connection from offshore site to onshore location with computers for data collection and internet based real-time communication to Metas and/or customer offices.

Examples on deliveries of the 3 alternative solutions are respectively to the Morvin field in Norway, the Peregrino field in Brazil and to the IMR/Statoil joint Ocean Observatory project with the subsea X-Frame® installation 22 km’s off the Vesterålen coast in northern Norway. (

METAS has a deep history of collaboration with both research and commercial entities to provide complete analytic solutions. METAS can act as leading organization or use our expertise in marine research and acoustic systems to enhance your project.